Friday, January 31, 2014

Crossing the line

Think about the last time you crossed a line. No, not that kind of line. Okay, maybe that kind of line because what I’m talking about here is the line that distinguishes the person you were before from the person you are now. You often cross over with only one step, one choice, or one decision.

Sometimes the line is small. Other times it’s a gaping yawning line the size of the grand canyon. Sometimes it's ordinary and only visible in hindsight. Other times it's a conscious choice. Sometimes it’s easy to go back, fall back into old habits, destructive decisions, a comfortable path, the path of least resistance. Other times there’s no going back. I’ve heard from people who took the donkey ride to the bottom of the canyon only to say they would never, ever do it again. Yeah, sometimes it’s that kind of line.

Sterling has crossed a few lines in her past. She’s made choices that have changed her life. Will guilt and regret rule her future or can she learn to forgive herself and hold her head high as she, like the rest of us, moves toward the line up ahead, where sky meets earth.

Watch for Sterling’s story titled Life Disconnected coming in March to your favorite book retailer.

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